Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ready 2 Learn? Lets make pictures better...

I always thought you have to take AMAZING pictures to be a good photographer. And although my photography skills are not that bad, PHOTOSHOP is an absolute dream! It is SO easy to make horribly dark pictures better. Almost all of them, including the ones that my hubbie, Aaron takes. HA! Here is an example of one that was rescued:
Open your picture. Then make a duplicate copy in your layers palette by right clicking on the layer of the photo, then select, duplicate layer. Then choose the top layer of the photo and move up to the scroll down, select SCREEN. Do this once or twice till your photo is amazingly lightened. Then continue with your color correcting. EASY, right?

Here is my layout that I did with these incredibly HORRIBLE photos.
Believe me ALL of them were pretty terrible. Pretty cute, huh
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